Open Modernisms is a Creative-Commons-licensed (CC-BY) social-knowledge resource.

From 2014-2020, the site allowed scholars of modernism to build custom anthologies or coursepacks from out-of-copyright primary materials using a custom Islandora installation designed by Agile Humanities and funded through BCCampus & the modernist studies association. It is hosted on ComputeCanada servers.

In May 2020, we decided to make our site more lightweight and easy-to-use. We are in the process of redesigning the site; in the meantime, you can still access our library of documents below, but in order to add documents, you will need to contact the Project Director, Dr.  Matt Huculak.

Note to our users

While the site is being redesigned, we ask our members to continue use and view the material published by using the archived version on the University of Victoria Libraries' Archive-it site:

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Special thanks to Belaid Moa at Compute Canada whose support and indefatigable work for Canadian scholarship is exceptional.